Some Roses tickle a victim with their hands as part of their strikes when they grabbed a standing opponent. I reminded him as he rushed to the door. look around. It was close to 10 pm by the time Teddy decided hed finished unpacking for the night. and he chose you "You stayin' for the night, Cooch?" The Tickle-Tickle Bug (, Kocho-Kocho Mushi) is a small but deadly trick robot used by Child Emperor as a weapon. Usually I'll wear one tickle monster mitt and my 3-year-old will wear the other and we'll take turns making each other giggle. W-WAHAHAIT!! This story is the third in a series I started quite a while back! And He got close, pointing the light at it before lifting his hand to gently run his fingertips along the dry bark of the tree. Lifty asked Coochie. i'll let you tickle my feet. She can create perfect doppelgangers that work to keep people from thinking that these kids have gone missing. "COOCHIE!" Even if that meant another horror-movie wild goose chase through the play structures. All he could do was laugh and squirm and gasp for air. Learn more. The strong lore surrounding the forest was most likely what kept people away. The Tickle Monster! They shouted in unison. Th-.. thahank yohou He mumbled, a wobbly smile still on his face as he finally passed out. He almost didnt want to believe it, his mind immediately remembered that old fairy tale he used to hear around school. Hell, he hadnt smiled all week; maybe even all month. Hope rides alone in this world without him, with the men It felt kind of nice to let loose and laugh like he was, something he hadnt done in a "We can take you to her if you'd like," Nutty told the unknown creature, "And Maybe she could tell us what animal species you are. He just moved away from home and it only felt like a vacation. Richard puddles the floor, and the cameras record the humiliation all over the internet. He reached out to catch them so that they wouldnt slip and hit the floor (tile floor and heads did And he dove back into the fray. Lampshaded in the hentai Alien from the Darkness.Hikari has a pet ferret that crawls into her shirt, making her fidget around saying that it tickles. And these two are my friends, Toothy & Nutty. He dug his fingers in, skittering around with no rhyme or reason as he mentally catalogued Stanelys tickle spots. TickleMonster1 User Profile | DeviantArt 176 Watchers 43.4K Pageviews 1 Deviation Home Gallery Favourites Posts About Collections All 3331 deviations Featured 3326 deviations Fav Tickle Pics :P 952 deviations Fnf Tickle Art 264 deviations Girlfriend 115 deviations DDLC Tickle Art 74 deviations Sky 53 deviations Sonic Girl Tickles 52 deviations eEK! He quickly got Stanley pinned underneath him. Weirdly, there was some strange garbage noise playing in the background of the video, as if a persons voice had been, Time for the fifth night. Great Uncle Ford! Twin voices rang out. Can lead to a Fridge Horror (as does forced marriage when you realise that it's actually G-Rated rape). He pushed the couch into the living room along with a small coffee table to go with it. The Tickle Monster! He looked like a patched-up, brightly-colored toy with a long, fuzzy, pink tail with a feather sticking out of the tip & six more little feathers sticking out from his back. The fingers driving him insane left him with no chance to overthink things as he usually did. CloverPayne, Its_Zorrito, RainbowKeepers7711, hollyhocks, Eldritch_Cosmonaut, soaringcomet, that_one_enby, Guileless_Mordred, Avsia, AngelBirdo, sofia_maigold, UndertaleSansLuv3, BalanceOfAWalnut, taestheticx, PadawanYugi, KikiE, avianofFire, FandomsBeware, Seadrona, EvertonCable, Whiteghost37, ConfusedBanshee, EnbyPhoenix, Anxious_Virgil, 2shy2call911, Whimzlogo, Drillbee_Automaton, weegee1204, and Energywitch "Awesome!" Non-Consensual Tickling Cute Fluff Light-Hearted Light Bondage Non-Sexual Laughter Platonic Relationships Friendship Axl decides to help Echo to lighten up when he notices she isn't in the best mood and has been cooped up in her dorm all day. Weve been tasked with distracting you.. Enjoy and Laugh :3. Richard soaks his shorts, and agrees to join the dark brotherhood, even to help torture other childr. He woke up at roughly noon, much to his dismay. This isn't EXACTLY what they asked for, but I felt like it was a pretty natural progression of what we saw in the first fic. It is a Safe-class SCP which is known for its adorable appearance and friendly attitude. Isn't it? "Yeah," Toothy nodded, "She lives with Lifty & Shifty the Raccoons. It was the perfect cottage core home, especially since it was also located in the middle of a large, dense forest. Before making a single edit, Tropedia EXPECTS our site policy and manual of style to be followed. He slowly got himself up and changed into something clean, this being his pear patterned sweatpants and an old shirt he had cropped up to his ribs. The room was lit by the sun outside, signalling that it was probably late in the afternoon. They had matching devilish grins focused on him, and Ford wondered what the, Stanley had told them, and whether or not he needed to get up and, And then, before he could even blink or think to defend himself, he had four tiny hands wiggling into all sorts of sensitive places. He huffed and hopped atop the trunk before looking around, gazing up at the few stars visible through the dense leaves of the trees. Thanks for the idea! while applebloom was having her night sleeps a certain creature decided to pay the filly a little visit. By the time they got to the apartment building where the twin raccoons lived, they took the elevator up to the 6th floor & found apartment R2. Post a journal. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for marketing purposes. Cute one-shot. This also does body damage to the victim, though not as much as the tickle stick version. As if to answer his question a sudden wiring noise sounded. You know Luna? that they didn't really matter until you. W-what is thAT! He was quickly snapped out of his thoughts, however, when he felt more small vines running up and down the soles of his feet. He quietly sobbed into his pillow, his body not having the energy to hold back any longer. Coochie was overjoyed knowing that luna still remembered him after several years. Tickle them, cook them, eat them. His face was beet red and covered in sweat and tears, the rest of his poor ticklish body still being mercilessly tickled and teased by these devilish vines. This was his first time moving out, and boy was he nervous. Family fics! T literature Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. :D, Hi, here's another story. Tickle Monsters have short and stubby claws that they only use for climbing. He Intermediate Protip 4 hours 5,523 Things used in this project Story A Game Like No Other This one is a tad different and I hope you enjoy . ", Coochie's face lit up excitedly, similar to the others' earlier reactions to the bus's arrival. The tickle *. It's over, isn't it? Unless, "Actually, I want Luna to tell you herself," Coochie admitted with a clever smirk, "She knows a butt-load of animal species like Cthulhus, Alicorns, Mobians, & others even. i justo love those two jsjs, Have a nice day , Nagito probably called himself Trash again, so Hajime had to step in and make him take it back-, Oh, can I request some lee Nagito?Nag-LEE-to? But Luna answered instead. tashy1091. I'll post proof if nobody believes me but I used to b a full ass sugar baby #sugardaddy #fyp #foryou #sugarbaby #luxury #ticklemonster. Generated in 0.92 seconds at 7:51am on Mar 04, 2023 via server web2. Enter a list of participants, then ask the Tickle Monster to name who gets tickled next! "You're right, Tooth," Cuddles agreed with the beaver, "Luna might be able to tell if we don't know.". Bakugou gets mad because Deku spills water on him accidentally so he wants revenge but Deku has a plan to turn the tables~, Cover was made by me everyone here is going to have fun you can do request if you want. "I wonder what kind of animal he's gonna be?" if you havent noticed, I deleted like basically everything Ive posten because 90% of it isnt accurate anymore because the OCs have changed a LOT and my interests in world building have shifted teddy is no longer teddy, the forest idea was scrapped because I got bored lol BUT Dipper and Mable squealed as his hands darted forward, the two soon lost to childish shrieks and cackles as he tickled away. Teddy locked his eyes onto them, furrowing his brows as he moved his hand to touch them instead. ticklemonster27 User Profile | DeviantArt Shop Get Core Join Log In User Menu Get Core Membership Theme Display Mature Content Get Help and Send Feedback Privacy Policy Submit Deviation Status Update Journal Literature Commission Poll Subscription DreamUp New! Young Tickle Monsters are called Tickle Cubs. Dipper and Mabel laughed before darting forward, burying their hands into his armpits. Even Lifty & Shifty were wondering what he or she would be like. (F/F) The Tickle Monster by TickleofWar on DeviantArt May contain sensitive content This filter hides content that may be inappropriate for some viewers Log in to view Add to Favourites By TickleofWar Published: Jan 6, 2015 Favourites 4 Comments 24K Views This content is unavailable. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. And if you're over 18 dm me on Twitter if you're interested in an nsfw piece. It was only then did he really analyze the emotions he was feeling. "No offense, Luna," Shifty spoke, "But who, and, Luna chuckled. He felt exhausted. The remote flew out of Shifty's hands, gliding into Luna's direction. like he was trying to defend himself from their dancing fingers, and he was too weak from laughter to tug his hands back. Luna's childhood friend, Coochie the Tickle Monster moves to Happy Tree Town & spends a couple nights with Luna & the twins, Lifty & Shifty. The fingers driving him insane left him with no chance to overthink things as he usually did. Ford turned around, slowing his ticklish assault on the kids, searching out Stanley. and he loves you now that I'm gone But despite the craziness of this whole situation, he didnt feel like he was in danger. I'm going to be out of work for longer than I had initially thought I would be and going without pay for so long while also paying for all these doctors appointments has really been difficult. Luna imagined the flashback in her head. He rubbed his temples and laid down, staring blankly up at the ceiling. the dog obeys and licks for that amount of time. And now his own brother could barely remember him. Isn't it over? Luna greeted as she opened the door, "How'ya doin'?". Mabel, on the other hand, launched herself into Stanleys chest and started scribbling away at his stomach and sides. Unfortunately, things suddenly change when a pair of tickle Percy is visited by Eros and he has some information that the god is after, but isn't very willing to give it up, so Eros uses Percy's biggest weakness to get it out of a book of oc characters I design for roleplays! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. was foolish and naive and power-hungry enough to listen to Bills lies. If you tickle a Tickle Monsters tummy, it will shake its leg like a dog. He was tired, he was stressed, he was worn out beyond belief. The Team Rocket trio, among other things, use a tickling machine on the Safari Zone Warden to try and get him to reveal the location of a Dratini in, Ash has his Bulbasaur tickle Misty's Psyduck into submission in the episode. Get it? Though that could have also been due to the fact that Ford had upped his tickling. shortestblockbusters. mix, Ford remembered that well from tussling with Stanley back in the day), but in doing so he overbalanced himself, toppling backwards and taking the kids down with him. Every 200 years the 4 Elemental Monarchs gather to discuss the ways of men. But that didnt matter, hed be way too embarrassed to ever ASK anyone to tickle him. This is a page to request reviews for static items and books. It's over, isn't it? Thanks for reading :D, ON HIATUS!! after all those years I never thought I'd lose. Henceforth, the stone face emoji, I think what that anon was trying to say was, If you're 18+ follow me on Twitter @FluffomaticOG Come Explore the Tickle Forest I'm a lil' bitch that likes tickling. Cackle has a system to make sure no creature goes too far. He always knew when a new Happy Tree Friend was coming to town. But Mabels fingernails were wreaking havoc on the nerves of his ribs and neck, and Dippers fingertips digging into his sides and stomach werent serving him much better. mix, Ford remembered that well from tussling with Stanley back in the day), but in doing so he overbalanced himself, toppling backwards and taking the kids down with him. So, he tickle-attacks them with a little help from Luna. On a related note, Baloo tickles King Louie in, Bloo and Mac are subjected to this in an episode of, Used on two separate occasions by Robotnik to attempt to gain information in, A fox gets tickled as punishment in two scenes in an episode of the, Olive Oyl gets tickled on two separate occasions in the. There's No Escaping the Tickle Monster (M/M) by TicklishTouch on DeviantArt Milena Gonalves 9 followers More information There's No Escaping the Tickle Monster (M/M) by TicklishTouch on DeviantArt Last Halloween Human Language Cartoon Man Creatures Of The Night Make A Person Helpless Tickled First Night Nightmare More information . eEHehehehe! He wiggled around with what little room he had, trying to avoid the small, wiggly vine that was teasing his side. -hides behind Russell and Handy-. It's over, isn't it? you smile. You were just so sad this morning, Stanley tried to reason with him, I thought the kids could help cheer you up., Ford raised an eyebrow. Its part of my process and Id feel bad taking someone elses idea like that ;w; but thank you anyways :D. Authors note: The final part to my last story that I posted! THESE WERE GIVIN TO ME BY @lizzienaut (the first drawing) AND @randommusicaltickles (the second one) FOR AN ART TRADE WE DID AND I LOVE THEM!!!! Literature. out in daylight, my potential, Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Usually done with a feather (despite not being the most effective in Real Life). "Guys, this is my childhood friend, Coochie.". Asexual Homoromantic they/them Nonbinary|23 [Requests: Closed] [Commissions: Open] Tags to Block #tickle art #tickling #answered asks #boop booth #restrained tickles #romantic tickles #vines #platonic . Now we fight like it's all some silly game im just a senior in highschool and tired :,) Dixie Gets tickle tortured by her friend addison. Contents 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Biography 3.1 Possible Origins 3.1.1 SCP-5689 She didn't have time to grade them at school, so she decided to grade them in the privacy of her home instead. Coochie looked at them & waved kindly. Luna gasped in excitement as she immediately recognized the multi-colored creature. Here's the other commission! But he knew there was work to be done. the dog looks like it wants to lick your feet. Submit your writing. They were just flour and eggs and maybe they had some sugar in them? I'm gonna be late for my dinner-date with Giggles!". Remade my commission sheets. Nowhere near as bad as practically any other torture one can think up, but often proves handy when the tortured individual must not come under any serious physical harm, and/or recover quickly afterwards, which is why its mostly attributed to have been used against Chinese nobility. Leave a comment or kudos if you feel so inclined, and you can find me on tumblr at august-anon! I was fine He had Russell's whiskers on his left cheek, along with bluish-green colored eye, much unlike his other average-looking one & had Lifty & Shifty's ears & same facial fur on his right cheek. Twin brother of Hermione Granger, Henry Granger. not He even put together a small dresser he had bought on his way to the house in his room, along with folding and putting away his clothing. Work Search: A, The kids want a tickle fight? Need to focus on school and shtuff but hopefully once I graduate I'll start posting more stuff again :) @xsunnysoftx @ashleedragon @thornoisdono @hopeless-leemantic @kittenwhiskers @silverclaw23 Twilight (from the server sunny runs), Glad you all like it!! Especially if it meant that. Ford sighed as he watched Stanley go, that lost, desperate look still in his eyes. Most especially the ideas for a tickle forest too! Let's see what happen to him after being adopted by the Malfoys. This may be his first time being tickled in months.. Maybe even years. It wasnt by any means big or impressive but it definitely had its own cozy aesthetic. The boys were surprised to see his visual appearance. What will he do? "Well, it's great to know you've made such a nice friend," Nutty complimented, making the others nod & murmur in agreement. P-PLEHEhehEASE.. N- noHOHO MOHORE!! The armpit? Dipper and Mabel laughed before darting forward, burying their hands into his armpits. Can lead to a Fridge Horror (as does forced marriage when you realise that it's actually G-Rated rape ). The crytids are given a chip that'll send out a painless shock that will stop them because they can be much more intense than the normal tickle creatures. Guys I'm in desperate need of comms. See ya guys later.". worse Maybe moving to this forest had been the correct choice after all He sighed, looking down a long path as he decided that today would be a nice day for a long nature walk in his new home. He smiled as he & his friends stepped aside, allowing the two childhood friends to unite. Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. He cursed quietly to himself as he gripped tightly onto the branches below him, trying his best to calm himself down. You know what it is?. Sure. Supposed to be--", Luna finally tensed up & shut her eyes to tell them, also known to her as. So sorry if its not the best! Cuddles, Toothy, & Nutty smiled at the sight of the two close friends reuniting after what felt like forever. I've never seen the show before but this guy is cute and definitely looks like he needed some tickles~. Hey, Sunny, howve you and Moon been since yesterdaaAAY-!!. Tickle Paralysis by TheDeviantOther 5.2K 21 4 Emily Wilson is a 20 year old short haired brunette living all alone and independently on a house rumored to have a ghost living inside her house for years, but this Gho. alive His hands were flailing everywhere, unable to latch onto either twin and save himself from their playful torture. A smile. He said hed make breakfast, so thats what hed do. STOOOOOOP!!!! Ah ah ah, there are children present, Stanley.. No no no, youre doing it all wrong, a voice called out from the entryway. <3, Also, I have literally had this fic done for like a month and a half and just hadn't posted it yet cuz i have the Big Dumb lol, I hoard my finished fics out of anxiety so often lol, (See the end of the work for more notes.). He dropped off some of the boxes he had from last night at the junkyard, shopped at the local thrift store for a bookshelf of some kind for his living room, and eventually picked up some groceries since he still had no food in the house. The room was warm so he wasn't uncomfortable in the speedo, that left all of his ticklish spots exposed. "So, are you guys excited to meet the new Happy Tree Friend?" Teddy barely had time to turn around and react before the long vine wrapped itself around his waist and lifted him off the ground, keeping a strong grip on its victim. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". Need to focus on school and shtuff but hopefully once I graduate I'll start posting more stuff again :). You have some tickle fun with Poison Ivy. Neighborhood Watch #Nightmare #GiantEyeball #Surreal #Animation #TickleMonster. "Oh, hi there," the newcomer greeted, "My name is Coochie. It seemed his multitudes of knowledge didnt extend to cooking. ", "Thanks, Cuddles," Coochie thanked, "Say, you don't happen to know anyone by the name of Luna the Kitten, do you?". recipe He placed a hand on his tummy, a small smile forming on his face. "), someone (using the name "Draco") asked about a possible sequel. *Recommendations Closed* He stretched and got up out of bed, throwing on his hoodie and shoes before making his way to his car. Other groups are sent to other areas on the island so they'd be too far apart to hear the other people's laughter, Commission piece for the sweetest person! Basically, tickling is a G-Rated Cold-Blooded Torture . Suddenly, the forest sprung to life, a large gust of wind blowing through the area. Unfortunately for them (and for Stan), Ford knows how to fight back. See also Cool and Unusual Punishment and Spank the Cutie . She felt like there was something more there; something both of them felt like they had to hide Thankfully, there was no long-winded phone call to sit through tonight; Just a quick slideshow-video on some other tasks to get done for the night. He There were still plenty of boxes to be unpacked and dealt with, but Teddy was just about ready to pass out by now. A nervous, playful, fluttering feeling filled his stomach, and he shot a look down at the kids. he Joy is anchored in The One beyond our life. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. SCP-999, also known as " The Tickle Monster ", is a character in the SCP Foundation series. Two women walked down a long, grey hallway. Oh no, they don't do that. as well as Leave your ideas about them in the comments. The kitten blushed. The trunks were thick and had wide bases, the roots being semi-visible in the ground around him. monster tickle tickled tickling ticklish torture His hands were pinned, he could even Rocks are usually stone! All images MUST now have proper attribution, those who neglect to assign at least the "fair use" licensing to an image may have it deleted. for all eternity wi they be tormented. Help spread the word about Writing.Com and gain exposure for yourself! ! Teddy shrieked out through howls of laughter, not being able to help but wiggle and squirm around. Plus, the animals, bugs, etc, breed outside the lab (which, for some reason, I never thought about. pretend A poem written after the passing of my mother. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Stanley had told them, and whether or not he needed to get up and Considering all of the people that are on the island, how do the woods sound on any given day? This is just a place to talk to people about SCPs and more! Was this just a distraction, as they said, or was Dipper telling the truth? We got your back. Monster School: Tickle Challenge - Minecraft Animation - YouTube 0:00 / 14:00 Monster School: Tickle Challenge - Minecraft Animation Tom 956K subscribers Subscribe 3.7K 292K views 3 years ago. Needless to say, breakfast soon became brunch and the Shack was filled with laughter for a long time to come. [UNDER EDITING] Meggie and her friends are average high school students, hanging out, studying oh-so-hard (note the sarcasm) and enjoying life but what happens when t Evangeline is a girl who happens to be Harry Potter's twin sister. But there was still one thing missing from their morning full of laughter. 5 skips from each series. Hiiii thank you so much!! I LOVE your style so much its crazyyyy, Poor Teddy has been getting so many tickles lately.. ill have to make sure they get lots of cuddles. The three boys turned as their faces lit up in excitement. I was fine He walked up to the tree from last night, looking up at the canopy above as he remembered everything that had happened to him up there. YALL SEE THESE?? It was thick, quiet, and separated from the town by a river. Taleah is the daughter of King Valdamere, the king Tickling, puns, music, memes, art, requests, weirdness and randomness! She was okay now, all she needed to do was sleep it off. Paul pulled his feet out of the water before the substance reached him. Now you have it! The Kichi are deceptive and cunning, and can hypnotize most sentients by making eye-contact. He left everything hed bought in the car aside from the food, which he just left on the counter. who he would have to see now and again. No one really bothered to explore it on their own aside from a few kids who would explore the outskirts. He thought back to last night, taking a moment to really process it. His anxieties and fears crept into his head as he hid his face in the pillow, groaning quietly to himself before finally dozing off. It was so embarrassing, so humiliating, so. 3 minutes later some taps your shoulder. He dug through boxes of miscellaneous items before he finally dug out an old flashlight, flicking it on and off to make sure it even worked. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. 3. BUT. He really didnt know what to do to help him at this point, and that hurt more than Ford had been prepared for. (I totally love tickling, and other girls feet so making these stories is a nice thing for me to do) tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". Almost like inkeventually the platform was at the bottom of the pool and Paul was left floating in the ink. Poll your family and friends with the baby names that you're considering for your baby. Later on, most of class 3-A does this to Chao. watch full video on patreon here- YOUTUBE: VIP club Dont think youre off the hook, Ford growled playfully. :D It is a Friday night at Toriel's house and Toriel has just finished grading all of her students' math exams from earlier today. to be good with the kids, after all. As reluctant as he was to do it, Teddy rolled up his sleeves and began the long unpacking process ahead of him. came to Gravity Falls in the first place. Stanley only cackled louder. . (Part 1) Add to Favourites Comment By RaccoonTwin-3 Watch Published: Aug 2, 2013 22 Favourites 19 Comments 9K Views One day, a new Happy Tree Friend was moving to town. "He's a Tickle Monster," Luna admitted. Status Update. came to Gravity Falls in the first place. By now, Teddy was a giggly little mess. It's like 'Nagito,' but the 'i' is- But besides that she's not to bad of a person, Please assume this story MAY contain graphic language, sexually explicit text, violence and/or any other displeasing topic you can or can't think up! Grimmace and Hamburglar become victims of this in the second Ronald McDonald animated movie. Join the world's largest art community and get personalized art recommendations. Often paired with a Robotic Torture Device. "See ya later, Toothinator," Lifty joked, followed by more laughter from the twins & a little from Luna & Coochie. YALL SEE HOW PERFECT THEY ARE?!?!?! ToonLovrEK 05 Bullying Rags TicklishTouch 1636 SCP-131 and SCP-999 GemoDawnChan 39257 An's Pets Lineup raralabelle1Art 013 The Yeti Tickle Monster He didn't look like anyone else at all! You know I have nothing but loyalty for you and your company, Ms. Mazine, but a bit more details on this new project of yours would be appreciated. Based on the context of when it was sent to you, and because the person was on anon, it's either: a) You said something they thought was funny, b) It's a troll or someone not from the tk community that's trying to make fun of you, This actually makes the most sense so far lol. If anyone is interested please dm me. None of this had really set in yet. Lucario and Machamp wants to settle in a village but to do it they need to "pass a test" Clair makes a tickle dungeon and traps some random lucky victi- girls, inside it! turn around. Dear Me Contest: Write a letter to yourself and tell yourself what your goals are for 2023, Light tickling (feathers, light touches and so on), Hard tickling (poking, prodding, squeezing). He continued to struggle with breakfast, his bowl of pancake batter looking more like foaming grey sludge than anything edible. TYSM!!! In Hell, a persons greatest fears are magnified. Chapter 1: More Tickles for Goat Mom! Ford scrunched his face up in confusion. The pretty, petite collage girl was wheeled into a room on the third floor. The substance felt odd, slimy and slippery. He grunted and groaned as he was bumped against a few branches and twigs, but eventually opened his eyes to see what was there. They raised their hands, fingers shaped in claws and wiggling wildly, and Ford felt a spark of recognition run through him. As you can see they sent a rock with a face. I've known her since she was three!". You see what she does is trap them and make them her tickle slaves for awhile. Alright The wind blew through the forest, a quiet humming sound could be heard as it swept through the area. effort It seemed that he just kept failing people. built the portal Bill wanted, not considering the dangers. Maybe he wasnt such a failure with them, after all. over him Before he could even begin to process what had just happened, and just what Mabel had meant by distracting him, he had two tiny bodies on top of him, pressing him into the tile. The Laughter of Many he quietly mumbled to himself, trying his best to consider the possibility of the story being true and what it even meant. Maybe being tickled by a magic tree wouldnt be so bad. TICKLE MY BOOOOY!!!!! It began poking his chubby torso, as if testing each of the spots.