We breed for show quality Mini Lop and Holland Lop rabbits. Best in Show Rhinelander Former home of the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair BOS Harlequin, 2010 WSRBA State Convention BOS Harlequin, 2011 Columbia County Fair Res. Portage, Wisconsin Wittenberg, WI Rhinelander, Wisconsin We currently rasie/breed/sell Netherlands, Mini-Rex and Lionheads. We specialize in Californians, Satins, and Thriantas. Adoption Fees: Single rabbit: $85 Pair of rabbits: $120. Cambridge, Wisconsin Lucky Charms Rabbitry Burni.romo@gmail.com WI Rabbit Breed(s): Califo. I breed Purebred New Zealand rabbits. Brenda Reilly is a Vice President at Wisconsin State Rabbit Breeders Association based in Orland Park, Illinois. angelmonique35@aol.com (608)225-3984, Heather Petersen We are dedicated to breeding quality rabbits that meet there SOP and are competitive on the show table. dkh6060@tds.net, Lisa and Jason Swenson Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs We focus exclusively on raising show quality Rhinelander and Polish rabbits, and have been breeding rabbits for the past 8 years. 715-218-5338, Wayne Lezama Robin-Bunny. ehumbert.08@gmail.com, Madison Smith JayCee and Dylan both 4H members here in Jackson County, show open and youth at the closer ARBA shows and 4-H shows. Kaukauna, WI We raise mini rexs at the moment but we are planning on adding Holland lops to our rabbitry. We hope to add Broken, Blue and Otter soon. used gooseneck trailers for sale in wisconsin Castor Male Rex Rabbit - not fixed - pickup in Grand Marsh Wisconsin $35 (mad > Grand Marsh . I was put in a wheelchair but was really depressed. We raise Mini Rex & Netherlands in a variety of colors, Dwarf Hotots are mainly black banded, but we have 1 chocolate & are working on creating more. RubensRabbits@gmail.com With Blooming Rabbitr, rabbit lovers in Wisconsin deal with a rabbit breeder with experience. Jodys Quality Critters Rabbitry Dwarf Hotots, Netherland Dwarf Main focus is English lops and holland lops. Madison, Wisconsin We may at times have rabbits available. FiddleFart Critter Ranch solon springs , Wisconsin Tuckaway Valley Rabbitry I have show stock, breeding stock, and pets available year round, or I can put you in touch with someone else who may have what youre looking for. Tri-Poli Rabbitry is owned and operated by Jill Schmitt, with the help of her family, in the beautiful kettle moraine area of southeastern Wisconsin. 715-263-2894, Kim Meyer We take pride in raising our rabbits in a country setting with plenty of sunshine and fresh air! We keep our rabbitry small, between 30-50 animals. TC.Rabbitry96@gmail.com Jim Falls, Wisconsin #3 We strive to insure our bunnies leave our farm healthy and happy. Holland Lop They are all as sweet as can be and very playful. Mini Rexes We are ARBA and NRRC members, participating in a limited number of shows each year. We give personal attention to our rabbits and our customers. i would like two Mini Rex rabbits one a doe and one buck from different litters and or two Californians one a doe and one a buck also from different litter so that i can breed them and show them. New York Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association - Official Ladysmith, Wisconsin I do occasionally acquire Netherland Dwarf rabbits from friends of mine who need help getting rid of theirs, so check out my website today to see whats available! I ha read more, Polish Rabbit Pair for Sale. bakerfamilyrabbitry@gmail.com, BritnyLe Gosz Call 208-407-9448 or 208-249-1752. Rabies is a viral disease that causes encephalitis in humans and other mammals. French Lop, Californians Are main breeds are french lops and french angoras they are normaly available year round. Rex Rabbits are one of the most popular types of domestic rabbits. Black River Rabbit Hutch We specialize in quality rabbits, yarns and fiber. They have great personalities and are very lovable. We are a family rabbitry in central Wisconsin that, like many, got our start in rabbits with the intent of them being just 4-H project animals. Rusty B Rabbitry :0) Please feel free to e-mail with questions and stories. Spirit Of June Farms R & S Rabbits in Wautoma. Pecatonica Family Rabbitry in Blanchardville. High Quality happy hoppers. chocolateclover1000@gmail.com 3-they dont bite even though there not held every day purplecloverpets@gmail.com, Camarato Family This makes for happy rabbits and even happier owners! We treat our rabbits with love, respect and give them the best life we possibly can at TCRabbitry. (608)333-7297, Deanne Holmstrom We have raised many breeds of rabbits over the years, but the Flemish has always been here. We raise and breed rabbits for shows and pets. You might be in luck because at my rabbitry we breed nice Wisconsin Dwarf Hotot Bunnies. I am hoping to expand into Mini-rex. Located in Alamogordo, New Mexico. paigesdarnkuties@yahoo.com, Cynthia Hertzfeldt Text messages will be responded to quicker than voice-mail Waupaca County 4H Small Animal Swap. We raise Silver Foxes, and are selecting for fast growing pedigreed meat rabbits, in black, blue, chocolate and hopefully lilac. EmeraId City Pet Rescue is a 100% non-profit organization. Manitowoc, Wisconsin Rubens Rabbits NPPRC Fur and Feather Swap - Charapata Feed and Seed - Peshtigo. kristenrae@gmail.com, Pam Hall Raised outdoors but brought inside to play. We have a small backyard rabbitry located in janesville Wisconsin. Rex, Polish, Rhinelander, Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchilla, Satin, English Spot, Netherland Dwarf, American, Thrianta New Zealand-(whites), Flemish Giants, Californian, Rex Holland Lops, Lionhead, Jersey Wooly and Dutch danielleryan62@gmail.com, Crystal Marohl (make sense? psstebane@new.rr.com Raising showing and selling Silver Foxes near the Wausau area luckycharmsrabbitry@gmail.com Blooming Rabbitr is a small family-owned rabbitry in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, specializing in adorable and quality Flemish Giants. We raise golden palomino, blanc de hotot, and several colors of New Zealand rabbits. (608)957-1161, Alyssa Morse (920)713-0698, Adrianna Schultz I finally started walking fine a year later. Lion Head, Flemish Giant, Dutch The coat has a large amount of guard hairs, making French Angoras easier to groom than other breeds of angora. I rescued my Border Collie and she started urging me to get on my feet again. Harlequin They are a breed that has been accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in the past few years and can now be shown in colors that have passed presentation. Riverview Ridge Rabbitry We are a small family rabbitry that started out as a 4H project with our oldest daughter. Thank you The giants are a new breed for us with our first litter in Spring 2021. Nigsmylife@gmail.com Prairie View Farm Dubbed the "King of Rabbits", they are a type of rabbit that comes in many different colors like black, brown, blue, and white. We are small rabbitry and have been raising rabbits for years. We are looking for black and white or brown and white Netherland Dwarfs. Island Stream Rabbitry (920)647-1039, Katalinia Virnig Come and check us out and let us know how you like it. De Pere, Wisconsin 5- they arent living on wire cages . We are a 4-H family in Wisconsin that specializes in loveable, quality Holland Lops. I have at least two litters of bunnies a year. We decided to get into rabbits. Spring Valley , Wisconsin Size - 10 to 22 pounds; 20 to 30 inches long. Loyal, Wisconsin Basically all domestic rabbits are silent carriers of at least one serious disease, pasteurella, and stress - including the stress of moving to a new rabbitry - can . Let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we can help you. We also provide our customers will addition rabbit information such as general care. English Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, French Lops, Satin Angoras, Lionheads Open Rabbits August 5-6, 2023 The Open Rabbit Show is sanctioned by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the Wisconsin State Rabbit Breeders Association. Website: Raisin Hare Experience Rabbitry Facebook: Raisin Hare Experience Rabbitry Breed: American Chinchillas, French Lop, Havana, Netherland Dwarf, & New Zealand Phone: (425) 512-5944, (425) 876-9328 Email: raisinharexperience@gmail.com The owner (s): Ashanda & Kristen Haley 3. Please contact us for pricing and color of our Angora fiber. RRCA Rhinelander Rabbit Club of America. jwc7641@gmail.com briannaschneider@rocketmail.com, A.J. redneckrabbitry@gmail.com 715-896-9635 Kalyn Smith Black River Falls , Wisconsin Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Lionheads K.C's Kritters Rabbitry Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a Quality Californian. Also starting into Blues and Chocolates. Hands Rabbitry I have had mini lops, english lops, mini rex, rex, and Polish just to name a few. Rex Male In addition, this rabbitry also functions to sell rabbits to anyone wanting rabbit meat or live rabbits. CritterRanch@fiddlefart.com We are a small rabbitry in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. Four-month-old Dwarf Hotot bunnies looking for a good home. Wanted to buy snowshoe hare If you dont find the rabbits that you are searching for in the state of Wisconsin, I suggest that you check out the breeders directories that we have assembled for the bordering states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. We also have a small Mini Rex Herd. After signing her up for 4h and attending the fair. yzoromski@new.rr.com, Sofias Rabbitry Netherland Dwarf colors are orange, tort, and chocolate do occasionally get other colors. Because of generous donors like you, they are able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome thousands of animals like me every year! Satin, Californian, Thrianta We attend fairs and ARBA shows. 612-432-3998, Tammy Larson We have a full line of color and size of French Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads. We have mini lops, mini satins, Californians, and just recently lion heads. These rabbits are super sweet in your pocket, easy going. lizreeb@yahoo.com Second Chance Silver Foxes (920)484-8202, Abigail Haese I now have French Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, English Lops, Satin Angoras and Lionheads. (715)382-4288, Ben Crum CEJES RABBITRY Californian, Silver Martens and Mini Rex longdos@hotmail.com, Casey Bodenheimer Da Wascally Wabbit Wabbitry We are ARBA members our mem # is DIETAN00 and DIETTHO1 A very small rabbitry, silver fox rabbits, pedigreed. Californian I like to help out 4-Hers , kids and anyone who has a real interest in having rabbits. Full Pedigree. We do have breeding age rabbits available. I will post what I have for breeders and what kits I will have for sale on my Facebook page (Jodys Quality Critters) and my up and coming website www.jodysqualitycritters.com. Pure bred Californian rabbits for sale- Male or female, $20 each. Holland Lop August 27, 2022. Early symptoms can include fever and tingling at the site of exposure. 1 / 5 english angora rabbits full. Denmark, Wisconsin Little Way Rabbitry (920)889-3051, Aleksandra Krstic (608)739-2279, Marlene Dreifke Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin English Angora I have lots of Netherland Dwarf Babies for sale.