When my interview concluded, I felt an indescribablefeeling that this program would be home to me. Hometown: Beaverton, OR Bret B. Wagenhorst, MD Tifton, Georgia The current retina resident, retina fellows and faculty meet to review current cases, as well as electroretinograms from clinic patients. The Ophthalmology Residency at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is a four-year, ACGME-accredited integrated program that admits three residents per year. Hometown:San Diego, CA By the time our residents interview for fellowships or private practice positions, they are prepared to impress future instructors, mentors, and colleagues with an excellent fund of knowledge, excellent comprehensive and subspecialty clinical and surgical experience, and an excellent portfolio of accomplishments in research, customer satisfaction, process improvement, humanitarianism, and . I then moved to Boston, eventually getting my MD/MBA at Harvard. I knew this was in part due to the overwhelming kindness, humility, and care that each and every person I spoke with exuded during our conversations. Rebecca M. Sieburth, MD Albany, New York The primary goals of our program are to: provide three years of intensive, carefully supervised clinical training; . Meet Our Residents. Neuro-Ophthalmology; Oculofacial and Orbital Surgery; Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus; Vitreoretinal Disease; . Bachelor's Degree:University of Southern California David W. White, MD Dallas, Georgia, Margaret B. Janson, MD Albuquerque, New Mexico, Hubert A. Marshall, MD (1923 2015) The suggestions weve made have been always been considered seriously with some even being implemented in the same academic year. Administrative Program Director Before residency I worked on projects involving clinic scheduling systems and value-based decision making in neuro ophthalmology. Casey had everything I was looking for. phone: 603-650-5748. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to complete part of my PhD training at Stanford and enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere of the department as well as its many excellent research facilities. Paul Phillips, MD Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Gintanjali B. Bavaja, MD Ashburn, Virginia Ophthalmology Residency Office. 2001-2022 Oregon Health & Science University. Ashley Schauer, MD Charlottesville, Virginia Bachelor's Degree:University of Houston Having a unique opportunity to do clinical research at Stanford, I found the Byers Eye Institute to be a place with a perfect blend of rigorous clinical training and innovative research which is augmented by its location in the Silicon Valley. I grew up serving soul food at my familys fried chicken restaurant in Michigan, where I was born and raised. Lillian Wang Kim, Brian VanderBeek In my free time, I enjoy dabbling in road cycling, working on obtaining my purple belt in jiu-jitsu, and exploring new restaurants. We work directlywith faculty members of every subspecialty whomake our clinical and surgical training a priority. I grew up in Houston and attended undergrad at Stanford, majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Global Health and Infectious Disease. Todd J. One of my mentors in medical school said that is exactly what you want in residency so that when you get out in the real world youre not surprised by anything. I am thrilled to be staying here! After completing my MD and PhD at Washington University St. Louis, I will be coming back to Stanford where I completed my BS and MS. My research to date has focused on molecular and computational genomics, particularly single cell transcriptomics and the mechanics of gene regulation in individual cell types, and my long-term research goals include expanding the repertoire of cell-based therapeutics, engineering novel cell types uniquely capable of repairing and regenerating diseased tissues. University of Virginia Ophthalmology Chief Residents, Current Residents, and Previous Ophthalmology Residents And I feel like its all true. Hometown:Hamilton, ON, Canada These days, Im excited to be starting the next chapter of my training at Stanford. Communications Services Department of Ophthalmology. This formative experience in the laboratory inspired me to pursue a combined MD/PhD at Northwestern University in Chicago, where my thesis work focused on intracellular calcium signaling pathways in neuroglial cell physiology and synaptic plasticity. While all our trainees have a love of learning and a compassionate approach to patient care, they come from diverse backgrounds, family status, and professional and personal interests. Resident Benefits. The family at Casey not only looks out for their patients with the highest standards of care but also looks after each other and createsan environment of learning that, to me, has been unparalleled. Nathan D. Wilbanks, MD Seattle, Washington, Shruti Aggarwal, MD Miami, Florida Long, MD Charlottesville, Virginia Kevin M. Gamett, MD Reno, Nevada David A. Shiple, MD South Burlington, Vermont Throughout residency, I have been given the tools and guidance to hopefully one day follow the footsteps of the incredible clinician scientists affiliated with this institution. I have been amazed at how generous the faculty and senior residents are with their time, whether its staying late after clinic to review a topic or providing one-on-one training in the wet lab. John H. Wood, MD Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Christine Lee, MD Chapel Hill, North Carolina The people at Casey let you know that they're on your team, and pride themselves on their collaborative culture. I am very excited for the years to come. (he/him) Having that opportunity just to feel at ease was most important for me, especially when youre learning new things all the time. (she/her) Please contact Andrea Davis, Residency Program Coordinator, for more information: 214-648-0464. I completed my transitional year at Cambridge Health Alliance and was also a fellow at Vida Ventures, a life sciences investment firm. Her goal as a mentor is to inspire and help students and trainees to achieve their dreams through education, discovery, and mentorship. Eric A. Liss, MD Port Charlotte, Florida I can tell that not just the program directors, but everyone really cares about the residents and their learning and their well-being and I think thats a really important quality in the residency program. I knew this was in part due to the overwhelming kindness, humility, and care that each and every person I spoke with exuded during our conversations. (he/him) Mark E. Gillespie, MD Paducah, Kentucky In addition to the rigorous training and high surgical volume, the program emphasizes personal wellness and has anincredibly warm atmosphere. Undergraduate Education Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary - Glaucoma Graduating residents 2015 Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah -Glaucoma WCM - Retina (646) 962-2020 Appointments Patient Portal Our Locations Give Video Visits Weill Cornell Medicine Ophthalmology 1305 York Ave. New York, NY 10021 Phone: (646) 962-2020 Medical School DO: Nova Southeastern University Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine. I also worked on diabetic retinopathy biomarkers and remote monitoring for AMD and seek to be an outstanding clinician and agent of change in my community. Gary T. Raflo, MD, FACS Concord, North Carolina Victoria Chen Espinoza Ophthalmology Residency Program > Our Residents and Alumni > Current Residents Current Residents Our current residents report that our rotations and electives, stimulating research opportunities and supportive faculty constitute a rewarding training environment. Dr. Lu has been on the residency and retina fellowship selection committee at UCI's Gavin Herbert Eye Institute since 2010, helping to select numerous bright residents and fellows. Suite 820, Eye & Ear Building 203 Lothrop Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213. If you require visa sponsorship, please be aware that UT Southwestern's policy is to accept only J-1 visas. Hometown:Houston, TX Residents talk about why they chose OHSU Casey Eye Institute for their training. And the people here are one of a kind I only connected with my resident class this year, and were already so close. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. Outside of medicine, I have interests in creative writing, singing and theater as well as hiking and enjoying the California outdoors. Claire Frase The Ophthalmology Residency Program The ophthalmology residency program at the UCI School of Medicine's Gavin Herbert Eye Institute is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The entire faculty and stafftruly care aboutus not only as future ophthalmologists, but also ashumans. (he/him) Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up eating deliciously fresh corn from nearby farmstands and running under the trees of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Leslie Olsakovsky, MD Charlottesville, Virginia Joseph F. Kristan, MD Jason W. Much, MD Palo Alto, California Ctr. Kirk D. Scattergood, MD Green Bay, Winsconsin, Richard C. Childs, MD Fairhope, Alabama John W. Prenshaw, MD Greenville, North Carolina, Andrew J. Mincey, MHS, MD Greensboro, North Carolina 212-979-4181. The current and former Casey residents I spoke with universally praised the training they received, the faculty they worked with, and the multitude of career paths and opportunities that were open to them during and after residency. John Forrest, MD Unknown, George Sanborn, MD Richmond, Virginia Learn more about our current residents. Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin, "What really what sold me was the culture. I am thrilled to be back at Stanford for my ophthalmology training, as I appreciate the warm and welcoming culture, the brilliant faculty who are enthusiastic about teaching and being supportive mentors, and the unique opportunities to continue pursuing my interests within ophthalmology in global health and medical education. As a Wilmer resident, you will be mentored by a dedicated faculty of over 100 experts. John A. Stathos Jr., MD Staunton, Virginia, William Cappiello, MD El Paso, Texas Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center, "The number one reason I wanted to come to Casey was the excellent educational opportunities I knew I was going to get here. Hometown: Salem, OR Sahil Aggarwal. Alice Choi. Residents Backup 2018-2019; EyeMBA Program. Additional Info: Harsha S. Reddy, MD, Director, Residency Education. Hometown: Atlanta, GA The faculty have a reputation of wanting to teach residents and making sure they have a great experience. Since 1925, Wilmer Eye Institute has led the way in diagnosis and management of complex medical and surgical eye disease. I am finishing the General Surgery intern year at Stanford and I am thrilled to continue to be a part of the Stanford family during my Ophthalmology residency. Rachna D. Patel, MD Fishersville, Virginia, Robert C. Baldwin, MD Erie, Pennsylvania Hands-on training at exceptional Johns Hopkins facilities with access to a robust and diverse patient population. A full schedule of lectures, wet labs, and . Sophia (Mirza) Saleem, MD New York, New York, Yun Ja Park, MD Rockville, Maryland I learned how special its ophthalmology program is and met people who have inspired me since I began my interest in ophthalmology. Email: eyeresidency@hitchcock.org. I attended the University of Michigan for college, where I studied Neuroscience and developed a strong interest in basic science research, especially cellular and molecular neurobiology. Furthermore, the outstanding training, phenomenal continuity clinic, and focus on their residents were all significant factors that made this program a perfect fit for me. Hometown: South Pasadena, CA (Timothy) Brooks Owens, Jr., MD Lancaster, South Carolina ", "What stands out about Wilmer is that each team member - from the physicians and researchers, to the engineers, social workers, nurses, photographers, administrators and technicians - is so wholeheartedly dedicated to helping patients. Samuel S. Masters, MD Santa Cruz, California, Bruce T. Carter, MD Charlottesville, Virginia We encourage other institutions to take a stand as well. Bachelor's Degree:Boston University Current Residents | Ophthalmology | Stanford Medicine Current Residents Education Residency Program Class of 2023 Alejandro Arboleda, MD I'm from Miami, FL. Akbar Shakoor, MD Salt Lake City, Utah, Paul R. Holland, MD Daly City, California I completed my MD and PhD degrees at The University of Iowa. Adam J. Rovit, MD, FACS Las Vegas, Nevada In my free time I enjoy yoga, dogs, and exploring SF. ", "I feel very fortunate to train at a place that provides world-class and compassionate care for patients with the most complex ophthalmic conditions, while also contributing towards furthering the field in such a meaningful way.". I got the feeling that Id be in a supportive environment had I matched here. Pediatric Ophthalmology Childrens National Med. I feel Incredibly supported by the faculty here, not only in my education but that everyone is really invested in our well-being as fellow humans. PGY-1 Joint Program with UB Internal Medicine Residency Program Jordan Bell, MD (he/him) My family came to the United States as refugees from the Vietnam war, (and we used to have a restaurant in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco!). I attended undergrad at Harvard and graduated from the Penn MD/PhD program in 2018, where I did my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics in Dr. Ben Black's lab. Casey has a reputation for having really nice faculty who are very interested in learning and teaching and very patient. Bachelor's Degree:University of California, Davis I was thrilled to match at Stanford for residency and completed the General Surgery intern year at Stanford. Ryan Ridges, MD Edmond, Oklahoma, Jason Chiappetta, MD, FACS Richmond, Virginia The faculty members, fellows, and residents are all very supportive and I immediately felt very comfortable here. Kelly L. Ruland, MD , Alden K. Bahr, MD Richmond, Virginia Bachelor's Degree:Amherst College I was attracted to Casey by thevery friendly and welcoming environment that I felt. We have a thoughtful clinical and surgical curriculum with numerous research and volunteering opportunities. Karl C. Golnik, MD Cincinnati, Ohio, James A. Bryan, III, MD Chapel Hill, North Carolina While I interviewed at multiple programs that met this requirement, something felt different about Casey. Benjamin D. Nicholas, MD ", Donald Hubbard II, M.D. I couldnt have been happier with the way things have worked out. M. Todd Brown, MD Gastonia, North Carolina (he/him) Andrew Gross. Every resident comes to us with a diverse background, and as educators, it is our responsibility to help them develop . Bachelor's Degree:Augustana University Map and directions. As our 2022 grads prepare for the next chapter in their careers, we asked them to share with us what they learned, where theyre headed and the lessons theyll take with them when they go. A commitment to research opportunities as the number one ophthalmic program in NIH grant funding. Third Years. Image. However, after discussing with several mentors and those at the program, I realized how much resident input is valued here. First Year Resident in Ophthalmology. Bachelor's Degree: Emory University The Department of Ophthalmology held a full faculty retreat on the topic of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. All faculty had an opportunity to complete a survey prior to the retreat to address what the department does well in EDI and areas where the department could improve. ", Radwa Elsharawi, M.D. I then attended college at Harvard and grew my interest in ophthalmology, which began after witnessing my father struggle through an incident that caused him to unexpectedly become blind in one eye. Mentorship from internationally recognized and award-winning faculty. Elena Rios Drudy, MD Manahawkin, New Jersey Alexander J. Snyder, MD Durham, North Carolina, Khalil A. Harbie, MD San Antonio, Texas The chance to work with leaders in the field, the opportunities for global ophthalmology, and the ability to collaborate with researchers in both academia and industry make Stanford stand out. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center One Medical Center Drive Lebanon, NH 03756 Current Residents. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to provide the highest quality ofpatient-centered care, educate future physicians-in-training, and conduct innovative research that will improve the lives of patients. Jon Day, MD Unknown, Gordon E. Larson, MD Unknown Thomas P. Kimmitt, MD (1952 2003) Additionally, the relationship between faculty and the residents is exceptional which creates a healthy environment for growth. I attended Stanford University for undergrad, where I studied Computer Science and Premed. James Ruch, MD Unknown, Edward S. Branigan, III, MD Vero Beach, Florida The Ophthalmology Residency draws trainees from across the U.S. and around the world. Robert Vogel, MD Lynchburg, Virginia, Harsha A. Sen, MD Dothan, Alabama Alec and Arnav will each complete a research year after internship and join the PGY-2 clinical cohort in July 2024. Michael E. Zegans, MD Lebanon, New Hampshire, Karen L. Chapman, MD Sarasota, Florida Why I chose SUNY Downstate: Caring for those in need is one of life's greatest . Among other initiatives during medical school, I founded astudent-led wilderness orientation programfor matriculating medical students focused on fostering wellness and community. Jayati Sarkar, Jason Liss The welcoming and nurturing attitudes of staff, residents, fellows, and faculties create a positive and exciting learning environment. The University of Pittsburgh. The faculty are all very supportive, ambitious, and open-minded. (he/him) I believe this combination of world-renowned training within all aspects of ophthalmology and within all subspecialties coupled with the supportive culture makes Casey unique and the perfect place to train. I attended the University of Miami where I received my BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering. ", Justin Grassmeyer, M.D., Ph.D.(he/him) . Eleanore Kim, Tufts / N. Engl Eye Center / OCB - Glaucoma, Tufts / N. Engl Eye Center / OCB - Retina, Associated Retinal Consultants Beaumont Health Vitreoretinal Disease & Surgery Royal Oak Program - Retina, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary - Glaucoma, Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah -Glaucoma, Weill Cornell Medicine Ophthalmology Bachelor's Degree:McMaster University Walter King, MD Hickory, North Carolina, David L. Croasdaile, MD Twin Falls, Idaho, Charles L. Baltimore, Jr., MD Washington, North Carolina Hometown:Honolulu, HI Christopher T. Shah, MD Greensboro, North Carolina Elisha P. Tilton, MD Longmont, Colorado, Adam M. Bowman, MD Salt Lake City, Utah Learn more: Vaccines, Boosters & Additional Doses | Testing | Patient Care | Visitor Guidelines | Coronavirus. Residency Program; Meet the Residents Residency Program. Within ophthalmology, he completed a study demonstrating the reduction of exudative activity in age-related macular degeneration following post-injection endophthalmitis. Ophthalmology research arm, including current innovation and internship opportunities. Bachelor's Degree:Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gregory Mincey, MD Fayetteville, North Carolina, Doris E. Jenson, MD South Bend, Indiana We adhere to all ACGME common and ophthalmology specific program requirements. I did my internship year at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. The clinical experience is robust with a great depth ranging from weekly resident continuity clinics to unique subspecialty clinics like ophthalmic genetics and ocular oncology. Ive been really happy so far and Im looking forward to the rest of my residency. I completed medical school at University of Michigan, where I served on the medical student council leadership and led development of a new course in healthcare disparities. I grew up in Canfield, a small town in Northeast Ohio. I spent my childhood years growing up in Sweden and Boston, MA, before moving to Philadelphia to attend undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania. My hope is to one day become both a clinician and innovator, and so far, the program has provided every opportunity towards furthering that endeavor. Support Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford and child and maternal health. How to Apply. I am excited to join the department as a SOAR resident! Despite all of the not knowing that comes with this season, the feeling of being home was the reason that I chose Casey Eye Institute. Tom Berenberg We also have a big variety of cases that we see on call so we really see everything in training. Every day,we get to learn from leaders in the field, which is so exciting. Matthew D. Neale, MD Eugene, Oregon, Azin Abazari, MD East Setauket, New York Casey's commitment to serving the local community (and my home state) was important to me - and a big reason I chose to do my residency here. Throughout internship and residency, I have been surrounded by supportive, inspirational trainee all-stars. Our class has been part of an enormous paradigm shift with the start of the integrated Ophthalmology internship. As a resident, you get to be at the center of this amazing machine, making it a truly exceptional place to learn to be an ophthalmologist. I was super excited to continue doing vision research after falling in love with the field and came to Stanford as a SOAR resident, where I've been working in Dr. Myung's lab, doing research on corneal wound healing for the past year.