Miller tried to offset Sinatra's declining record sales by introducing "gimmicky novel tunes" into the singer's repertoire such as "Mama Will Bark" to appeal to younger audiences. [56][j] It was with the James band that Sinatra released his first commercial record "From the Bottom of My Heart" in July. Singer, actor. While Sinatra never learned how to read music, he worked very hard from a young age to improve his abilities in all aspects of music. [346], While Sinatra never learned how to read music well, he had a fine, natural understanding of it,[347] and he worked very hard from a young age to improve his abilities in all aspects of music. By the end of 1943 he was more popular in a DownBeat poll than Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Bob Eberly, and Dick Haymes. [408] Kramer vowed at the time to never hire Sinatra again, and later regretted casting him as a Spanish guerrilla leader in The Pride and the Passion (1957). Baritone Fred Tamburro stated that "Frank hung around us like we were gods or something", admitting that they only took him on board because he owned a car[g] and could chauffeur the group around. Just to look at himthe way he moved, and how he behavedwas to know that he was a great lover and true gentleman. [325], In 1984, Sinatra worked with Quincy Jones for the first time in nearly two decades on the album, L.A. Is My Lady, which was well received critically. [x] He performed several charity concerts with Count Basie at the Royal Festival Hall in London. However, being the son of one of the most famous jazz singers and personalities of the twentieth century did not necessarily open the doors quite as easily as expected Francis Wayne Sinatra was born on 10 th January 1944, to Frank and Nancy . Dad always. Francis Albert Sinatra (/sntr/; December 12, 1915 May 14, 1998) was an American singer and actor. [591] There is also a marker in front of Hoboken Historical Museum, which has artifacts from his life and conducts Sinatra walking tours through the city. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, on December 12, 1915, Francis Albert Sinatra recorded well over 1,200 different songs - some on more than one. [403][ac] After roles in Guys and Dolls,[405] and The Tender Trap (both 1955),[406] Sinatra was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role as a medical student in Stanley Kramer's directorial dbut, Not as a Stranger (also 1955). [543] He was outspoken against racism, particularly toward black people and Italians, from a young age. [18], Sinatra's mother was energetic and driven,[19] and biographers believe that she was the dominant factor in the development of her son's personality traits and self-confidence. [389] Both Double Dynamite (1951), an RKO Irving Cummings comedy produced by Howard Hughes,[390] and Joseph Pevney's Meet Danny Wilson (1952) failed to make an impression. He died as a practicing Catholic and had a Catholic burial. [621], In December 2020, it was announced that Creed singer Scott Stapp will portray Frank Sinatra in Reagan, a biopic of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.[622]. [423] Sinatra personally financed the film, and paid Martin and Davis fees of $150,000 and $125,000 respectively, sums considered exorbitant for the period. Granata considers the album to have been "impeachable" [sic], "one of the very best of the Sinatra-Riddle ballad albums", in which Sinatra displayed his vocal range, particularly in "Ol' Man River", in which he darkened the hue. [255], Sinatra also released the album The World We Knew, which features a chart-topping duet of "Somethin' Stupid" with daughter Nancy. What it Seemed to Be", "Day by Day", "They Say It's Wonderful", "Five Minutes More", and "The Coffee Song" as singles,[116] and launched his first album, The Voice of Frank Sinatra,[117] which reached No. [188] Another collaboration with Riddle resulted in the development of Songs for Swingin' Lovers!, sometimes seen as one of his best albums, which was released in March 1956. [318] That year he made a reported further $1.3million from the Showtime television rights to his "Concert of the Americas" in the Dominican Republic, $1.6million for a concert series at Carnegie Hall, and $250,000 in just one evening at the Chicago Fest. Nancy Sinatra notes that her father had a falling out with a bureaucrat in the country, who refused to admit Sinatra into his house. His son, Frank Jr., and his daughter, Nancy, were both singers of note, and the musical gene persists in their children. [235], Sinatra's phenomenal success in 1965, coinciding with his 50th birthday, prompted Billboard to proclaim that he may have reached the "peak of his eminence". [449] Starting in September 1949, the BBD&O advertising agency produced a radio series starring Sinatra for Lucky Strike called Light Up Time some 176 15-minute shows which featured Frank and Dorothy Kirsten singing which lasted through to May 1950. [397] After several years of critical and commercial decline, his Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor win helped him regain his position as the top recording artist in the world. [180][182] Swing Easy! [456], Sinatra's fourth and final Timex TV special, Welcome Home Elvis, was broadcast in March 1960, earning massive viewing figures. Well, I was constantly showered with gifts, but no matter what temptations Frank may have had while I wasn't around, he made me feel so safe and loved that I never became paranoid about losing him. ", Kelley says that arguments and fights regularly broke out between Sinatra and Rich, who were both arrogant with volatile tempers. [375], Sinatra attempted to pursue an acting career in Hollywood in the early 1940s. MCA agreed that until 1948 it would split its commissions on Sinatra with GAC, the agency that Frank had signed with when he left the Dorsey band. ", Barbara Sinatra on Sinatra's voice and musical understanding. [92] When Sinatra returned to the Paramount in October 1944 only 250 persons left the first show, and 35,000 fans left outside caused a near riot, known as the Columbus Day Riot, outside the venue because they were not allowed in. 27 in the US and No. After appearing on Antiques Roadshow,[517] Carlson consigned the letter to Freeman's Auctioneers & Appraisers, which auctioned it in 2010. [552] Sinatra had spared no expense upgrading the facilities at his home in anticipation of the President's visit, fitting it with a heliport, which he smashed with a sledgehammer after the rejection. [591] In the Frank Sinatra Park, a 6-foot (1.8m) tall bronze statue of Sinatra was dedicated in 2021 on December 12, the date of Sinatra's birthday in 1915. Backing him was bandleader Woody Herman and the Young Thundering Herd, who accompanied Sinatra on a European tour later that month. [274] He gave a "rousing" performance of "That's Life", and finished the concert with a Matt Dennis and Earl Brent song, "Angel Eyes" which he had recorded on the Only The Lonely album in 1958. [361] Granata comments that Sinatra was almost fanatically obsessed with perfection to the point that people began wondering if he was genuinely concerned about the music or showing off his power over others. Nicknamed the "Chairman of the Board" and later called "Ol' Blue Eyes", Sinatra was one of the most popular entertainers of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. By May 1941, Sinatra topped the male singer polls in Billboard and DownBeat magazines. Mitch Miller played English horn and oboe on the Sinatra-led recordings. According to his son, Frank Jr., King sat weeping in the audience at one of his father's concerts in 1963 as Sinatra sang "Ol' Man River", a song from the musical Show Boat that is sung by an African-American stevedore. Anthony Martin Sinatra - father of Frank . [366], "His voice is more interesting now: he has separated his voice into different colors, in different registers. [462], Sinatra starred as a detective in Contract on Cherry Street (1977), cited as his "one starring role in a dramatic television film". The jealousy exhibited by the group members often led to brawls in which they would beat up the small, skinny young Sinatra. May 13 is considered "Frank Sinatra Day."[581]. [334] The album and its sequel, Duets II, released the following year,[335] would see Sinatra remake his classic recordings with popular contemporary performers, who added their vocals to a pre-recorded tape. [139] A workaholic, he reportedly only slept four hours a night on average. She helped to fill the ballots for the corrupt democrats who ruled the local politics. [47] With Sinatra, the group became known as the Hoboken Four, and passed an audition from Edward Bowes to appear on the Major Bowes Amateur Hour show. Bono Mack, Mary (May 20, 2008). [464], Sinatra had three children, Nancy (born 1940), Frank Jr. (19442016) and Tina (born 1948), with his first wife, Nancy Sinatra (ne Barbato, 19172018), to whom he was married from 1939 to 1951. [50][h] Due to the success of the group, Bowes kept asking for them to return, disguised under different names, varying from "The Secaucus Cockamamies" to "The Bayonne Bacalas". I Dream of You (More Than You Dream I Do), Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week), Frank Sinatra Conducts the Music of Alec Wilder, Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color, One for My Baby (and One More for the Road), Frank Sinatra Conducts Music from Pictures and Plays, Francis Albert Sinatra & Antnio Carlos Jobim, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, List of awards and nominations received by Frank Sinatra, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Miniseries or a Special, Sinatra Sings Great Songs from Great Britain, Sinatra Sings Days of Wine and Roses, Moon River, and Other Academy Award Winners, The Sinatra Family Wish You a Merry Christmas, "Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra ia coming back to west end in new musical", "Frank Sinatra's dwindling tourist turf in Hoboken", "Top Ten Things That Make Frank Sinatra Cool", "The Columbus Day riot: Frank Sinatra is pop's first star", "Getting a Kick Out of Sinatra, Live in Concert in 1957", "Cap Captures Honors at Disc Jockey Poll", "To Play and Play Again: How Frank Sinatra's Thirst for Creative Freedom Led to Some of Classic Rock's Greatest Records", "Label Retrospective: Sinatra forms Reprise Records on this day in 1960 | Rhino", "Around The World, Retail Demand Is High For Sinatra's Recordings", "Ex-Casino Executive Carl Cohen; Noted for Punching Frank Sinatra", "Rewinding the Charts: In 1967, Frank & Nancy Sinatra Shared a No. (1961), was a major success, peaking at No.4 on Billboard. [191] On June 9, 1957, he performed in a 62-minute concert conducted by Riddle at the Seattle Civic Auditorium,[200] his first appearance in Seattle since 1945. You cross him, he never forgets.". [39] To please his mother, he enrolled at Drake Business School, but departed after 11 months. Shot in January 1987, the episode aired on CBS on February 25. [527] Kelley quotes Jo-Carrol Silvers that Sinatra "adored" Bugsy Siegel, and boasted to friends about him and how many people Siegel had killed. 1 on the Billboard chart. Quoting Henry James, President Reagan said in honoring his old friend that "art was the shadow of humanity" and that Sinatra had "spent his life casting a magnificent and powerful shadow". [500], Sinatra was known for his immaculate sense of style. Union actions cancelled concerts and grounded Sinatra's plane, essentially trapping him in Australia. and Where Are You?his first album in stereo, with Gordon Jenkins. [74] His fourth chart appearance was "I'll Never Smile Again", topping the charts for twelve weeks beginning in mid-July. 2 files available. It is with a heavy heart that the Sinatra Family Forum and. [204] The title song, "Come Fly With Me", written especially for him, would become one of his best known standards. [32] Excessively thin and small as a child and young man, Sinatra's skinny frame later became a staple of jokes during stage shows. That's all. [248][w], Sinatra started 1967 with a series of recording sessions with Antnio Carlos Jobim. [434][435] He also played a similar role in The Detective (1968). Rocky Fortune), a "footloose and fancy free" temporary worker for the Gridley Employment Agency who stumbles into crime-solving. Sinatra copied Dorsey's mannerisms and traits, becoming a demanding perfectionist like him, even adopting his hobby of toy trains. The winner of the auction was Vie Carlson, mother of Bun E. Carlos of the rock group Cheap Trick. It was at this commencement that he was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate litterarum humanarum by the university. [83][p] Upon leaving Dorsey, Sinatra persuaded Stordahl to come with him and become his personal arranger, offering him $650 a month, five times his salary from Dorsey. [347] Critic Gene Lees, a lyricist and the author of the words to the Jobim melody "This Happy Madness", expressed amazement when he heard Sinatra's recording of it on Sinatra & Company (1971), considering him to have delivered the lyrics to perfection. Nancy had two daughters, and the oldest went into the family business. [71] Though Kelley says that Sinatra and drummer Buddy Rich were bitter rivals,[m] other authors state that they were friends and even roommates when the band was on the road, but professional jealousy surfaced as both men wanted to be considered the star of Dorsey's band. [206] In September, Sinatra released Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely, a stark collection of introspective[u] saloon songs and blues-tinged ballads which proved a huge commercial success, spending 120 weeks on Billboards album chart and peaking at No. [27] He arrived at Ellis Island with his mother and sisters in 1903, when they joined his father, Francesco Sinatra, who had immigrated to the US in 1900. FRANCIS ALBERT SINATRA. [490] The couple married on July 11, 1976, at Sunnylands, in Rancho Mirage, California, the estate of media magnate Walter Annenberg. Years ago, his voice was more even, and now it is divided into at least three interesting ranges: low, middle, and high. (Frank Sinatra) - : , , , ( ). Sinatra's lawyer, Henry Jaffe, met with Dorsey's lawyer N. Joseph Ross in Los Angeles in August 1943. [289] In the end, Sinatra's lawyer, Mickey Rudin, arranged for Sinatra to issue a written conciliatory note and a final concert that was televised to the nation. [320], Sinatra was honored at 1983 Kennedy Center Honors, alongside Katherine Dunham, James Stewart, Elia Kazan, and Virgil Thomson. American music critic Robert Christgau called him "the greatest singer of the 20th century"[4] and he continues to be regarded as an iconic figure. [536][al] Due to ongoing pressure from the FBI and Nevada Gaming Commission on mobster control of casinos, Sinatra agreed to give up his share in Cal Neva and the Sands. said, "you have to know when to get off" and we believe that time has come. and has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in film and music. Later, Sinatra helped Rich form his own band with a $25,000 loan and provided financial help to Rich during times of the drummer's serious illness. [124] On days when he felt that his voice was not right, he would know after only a few notes and would postpone the recording session until the following day, yet still pay his musicians. He blamed racial prejudice on the parents of children. [153] By April 1952 he was performing at the Kauai County Fair in Hawaii. Behind the scenes, Sinatra was busy with a bustling family life on top of his career. and Harold Arlen's and Jerome Kern's "All The Things You Are". Up until his death in November 1956, Dorsey occasionally made biting comments about Sinatra to the press such as "he's the most fascinating man in the world, but don't put your hand in the cage".[86]. [332] Sinatra maintained an active touring schedule in the early 1990s, performing 65 concerts in 1990, 73 in 1991 and 84 in 1992 in seventeen different countries. ", Sinatra's daughter Nancy on the importance of his mother Dolly in his life and character. [62], Sinatra became increasingly frustrated with the status of the Harry James band, feeling that he was not achieving the major success and acclaim he was looking for. I used to stand there so amazed I'd almost forget to take my own solos". [413] He next portrayed comedian Joe E. Lewis in The Joker Is Wild (also 1957);[414] the song "All the Way" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. [116] Sinatra's last two albums with Columbia, Dedicated to You and Sing and Dance with Frank Sinatra, were released in 1950. From the top to the bottom in one horrible lesson. [617] Sinatra was also portrayed by Rico Simonini in the 2018 feature film Frank & Ava, which is based on a play by Willard Manus. [65][l] On January 26, 1940, he made his first public appearance with the band at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois,[67] opening the show with "Stardust". [411] The public rushed to the cinemas to see Sinatra and Crosby together on-screen, and it ended up earning over $13million at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing pictures of its year. Sinatra said: "The reason I wanted to leave Tommy's band was that Crosby was Number One, way up on top of the pile. Saverio Antonino Martino Sinatra, the father of Frank Sinatra, was born on May 4, 1894, in Lercara Friddi in Sicily. I am married to BARBARA SINATRA, who in this Will is referred to as "my Wife . Francis Albert Sinatra in MyHeritage family trees (Pekki-Parkkila Web Site) view all 26 Immediate Family Nancy Sinatra Barbato ex-wife Nancy Sinatra daughter Frank Sinatra, Jr. son Christina "Tina" Sinatra daughter Photo by MGM. [352] He would insist on always recording live with the band because it gave him a "certain feeling" to perform live surrounded by musicians. [161] Tom Santopietro notes that Sinatra began to bury himself in his work, with an "unparalleled frenetic schedule of recordings, movies and concerts",[162] in what authors Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan describe as "a new and brilliant phase". [272] The Frank Sinatra Student Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was dedicated in his name in 1978. Sinatra also appeared in musicals such as On the Town (1949), Guys and Dolls (1955), High Society (1956), and Pal Joey (1957), which won him another Golden Globe. [196] Also that year, Sinatra sang at the Democratic National Convention, and performed with The Dorsey Brothers for a week soon afterwards at the Paramount Theatre. 1", "Sheeran hit first to remain a year in UK chart", "A Toast To 'My Way,' America's Anthem Of Self-Determination", "Caesars Palace Boss Arrested for Pulling Gun on Sinatra", "No Charges Will be Filed in Sinatra Gun Incident", "Retirement Isn't The Life For Francis Albert", "Denver-Sinatra Superb Contrast at Lake Tahoe", "Jerry Lewis telethon ends decades-long run, fundraising awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Association", "Trilogy: Past, Present & Future Awards", "Foolish Heart: The Lost Albums of Frank Sinatra | Newz Breaker", "AFI's 25 Greatest Movie Musicals of All Time", "Back on the High Road With a Busy Minstrel", "Frank Sinatra at the Golden Globe Awards", "The Screen in Review; Doris Day and Sinatra Star at Paramount", "New York Magazine Television Highlights", "The Billboard Eleventh Annual Disk Jockey Poll", Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, "American Film Institute's list of the 100 Greatest Movies", "Nancy Barbato Sinatra, an Idol's First Wife and Lasting Confidante, Dies at 101", "Mia Farrow: Woody Allen's son Ronan may be Frank Sinatra's", "Mia Farrow and Eight of Her Children Speak Out on Their Lives, Frank Sinatra, and the Scandals They've Endured", "Nancy Sinatra Opens Up About Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow & Son Ronan", "Frank Sinatra's February 1963 Playboy Magazine Interview", "3 Aug 1985, Page 41 The Sydney Morning Herald at", "Sinatra, Press Agent Trade Blows, Few of Which Connect", Appraisal: 1976 Frank Sinatra Signed Letter to Mike Royko, "Frank Sinatra's Lake Tahoe casino shuts down", "Sixties Considered Decade of Stress in Movie World", "What's the connection between John F. Kennedy and Frank Sinatra", How Bobby Kennedy Started the War on Gangs, "Sinatra, snow storms, and a smashed-up helipad: the story behind John F Kennedy's star-studded inauguration", "New York Magazine Is Reagan Gala a Kennedy Snub? "[90] Sinatra performed for four weeks at the theatre, his act following the Benny Goodman orchestra, after which his contract was renewed for another four weeks by Bob Weitman due to his popularity. Truman. [350] Sinatra was an aficionado of classical music,[351] and would often request classical strains in his music, inspired by composers such as Puccini and Impressionist masters. On the waterfront is Frank Sinatra Park, where a bronze plaque was placed in 1989 upon its opening. Over the years he recorded 87 of Cahn's songs, of which 24 were composed by Jule Styne, and 43 by Jimmy Van Heusen. The younger Sinatra was technically not a "junior" (his father's middle name was Albert) but was nonetheless known as Frank . [154] Sinatra's relationship with Columbia Records was also disintegrating, with A&R executive Mitch Miller claiming he "couldn't give away" the singer's records. [42] In New York, Sinatra found jobs singing for his supper or for cigarettes. Look at Me Now", "Dolores", "Everything Happens to Me", and "This Love of Mine" in 1941; "Just as Though You Were There", "Take Me", and "There Are Such Things" in 1942; and "It Started All Over Again", "In the Blue of Evening", and "It's Always You" in 1943. 1-4, Sinatra Sings the Songs of Van Heusen & Cahn, Sinatra: Soundtrack to the CBS Mini-Series, Frank Sinatra Sings the Select Johnny Mercer, Frank Sinatra Sings the Select Rodgers & Hart, The Complete Recordings Nineteen Thirty-Nine, Frank Sinatra Sings the Select Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra Sings the Select Sammy Cahn, Classic Sinatra: His Greatest Performances 19531960, Duets/Duets II: 90th Birthday Limited Collector's Edition, Sinatra/Jobim: The Complete Reprise Recordings, Sinatra/Basie: The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings, Frank Sinatra & the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Voice: Frank Sinatra, the Columbia Years (19431952), Bolton Swings Sinatra: The Second Time Around, Sinatra in Concert at the Royal Festival Hall, The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else), Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award,, Activists for African-American civil rights, Best Musical or Comedy Actor Golden Globe (film) winners, Best Supporting Actor Academy Award winners, Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe (film) winners, Cecil B. DeMille Award Golden Globe winners, Converts to Roman Catholicism from atheism or agnosticism, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners, Grand Officers of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Recipients of the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, 1st class, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from December 2022, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 08:10. [588], In Sinatra's native Hoboken, he was awarded the Key to the City of by Mayor Fred M. De Sapio on October 30, 1947. [587] Biographer Arnold Shaw considered that "If Las Vegas had not existed, Sinatra could have invented it". [138] Evans once said that whenever Sinatra suffered from a bad throat and loss of voice it was always due to emotional tension which "absolutely destroyed him". [547], In the 1980 presidential election, Sinatra supported Ronald Reagan and donated $4million to Reagan's campaign. [412] He starred opposite Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak in George Sidney's Pal Joey (1957), Sinatra, for which he won for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. [485] They remained close friends for life,[486] and in a 2013 interview Farrow said that Sinatra might be the father of her son Ronan Farrow (born 1987). [80] According to Nancy Sinatra, Jack Benny later said, "I thought the goddamned building was going to cave in. [199] For Granata, Sinatra's A Swingin' Affair! [348] He could follow a lead sheet (simplified sheet music showing a song's basic structure) during a performance by "carefully following the patterns and groupings of notes arranged on the page" and made his own notations to the music, using his ear to detect semitonal differences. After a fight between Della Penta and Dolly, Della Penta was later arrested herself. The documents include accounts of Sinatra as the target of death threats and extortion schemes. [387], Sinatra co-starred again with Gene Kelly in the Technicolor musical Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949), in which Sinatra and Kelly play baseball players who are part-time vaudevillians. He never liked to discuss a performance afterward because he knew his voice wasn't as good as it used to be. He found success as a solo artist after signing with Columbia Records in 1943, becoming the idol of the "bobby soxers". [144] On October 4, 1953, Sinatra made his first performance at the Sands Hotel and Casino, after an invitation by the manager Jack Entratter,[145] who had previously worked at the Copa in New York. [147][r], Sinatra's decline in popularity was evident at his concert appearances. [546] In the 1948 presidential election, Sinatra actively campaigned for President Harry S. Puzo wrote in 1972 that when the author and singer met in Chasen's, Sinatra "started to shout abuse", calling Puzo a "pimp" and threatening physical violence. [306] That year, as part of the Concert of the Americas, he performed in the Maracan Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which broke records for the "largest live paid audience ever recorded for a solo performer". [312] It was the first studio album of Sinatra's to feature his touring pianist at the time, Vinnie Falcone, and was based on an idea by Sonny Burke. This was recreated in the miniseries The Offer with Sinatra portrayed by Frank John Hughes. [52] The roadhouse was connected to the WNEW radio station in New York City, and he began performing with a group live during the Dance Parade show. "Hollywood's Irish Lass". He recorded one of his collaborations with Jobim, the Grammy-nominated album Francis Albert Sinatra & Antnio Carlos Jobim, which was one of the best-selling albums of the year, behind the Beatles's Sgt. and swing music predecessor Songs for Swingin' Lovers!