Since this morning, Alexa, play RNZ National on TuneIn results in the Echo Spot showing the correct background for RNZ National, but the stream is actually RNZ Concert programme instead. I have not specified which radio app the Google Max should use in the settings as I am not sure how to. Could even affect YouTube as their content is provided from outside the UK and a good amount of it contains copyrighted audio! but some mornings it plays Radio 2, othertimes Radio 4 and last week Heart FM. I gave up trying to say just the right phrase for Siri to play my favourite stations, as it was so frustrating. I listen to "RNZ National", a New Zealand radio station, using the TuneIn app. Google and PlayMusic services and equipment; and YouTube Music have worked very well for me generally, but it is only the Google Assisted radio commands that have been the most problems because something is obviously changing and Google won't tell us what, where, why and how we can use their service and equipment. Still time to register today: 36th Annual (Virtual) Winter SWL Fest this weekend! To be clear: Im no expert in streaming media law, so what Ive presented here are the basics and user reports. I have been using a routine to access Radio New Zealand National with TuneIn as the music source. enable the myTuner Radio,tap/click the Enable button. If youd like to join in, please sign in or register. In any apps which support Chromecast, such as Radioplayer and TuneIn Radio, can be used to listen to online radio stations. Echos all suddenly playing the wrong TuneIn radio station Have a very very strange problem. 3 Issues That May Caused Why Alexa Blue Light Spinning (Answered). Indeed, this is essentially what all station aggregators do: they index, curate, and make streaming audio content readily available via Internet media devices like WiFi Radios. Im getting really pissed off with them now , I've had the same thing happen. That way, you will be presented with all the recent commands. I wanted to check in and see if you are still in need of any help with your device? One day it will find and play a station the next it can't find it! Where some units provide built-in streaming radio functionality, with the Sony CMT-SX7B this is achieved through Chromecast built-in. And if I dont specify the region I get Hereford & Worcester region. Very frustrating. It has been increasingly more successful to be more specific using various combinations of the station call letters, the broadcast frequency and/or the specific network being used. February 20, 2022 at 11:53 pm Were your devices able to play the requested stationbefore? The station is as above "Echoes of Bluemars". Check Price at Amazon. That is not great to hear that your Google Assistant is not playing the requested radio station. I have just tried again to get it to play that radio station via voice command and it did. All the hardware providers who used Tunein, like Denon and most amp manufacturers need to sue Sony and Warner or something. So, make sure to proceed with the reset routine. Good luck with that. I've been able to eventually hit on the right Nest command to get the Mini's to respond, but the frustration level is high. . In tunein it is it's official name NPO 3FM in Sonos it's "3FM in the picklist. Since a few minutes ago I'm experiencing problems with Siri on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona is a celebration of beloved and appealing music from the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to . I chose TuneIn as the source and I was very specific about the station name. Its great that it works with TuneIn now. Play it anywhere or everywhere "Hey Siri, play Lucy Dacus in the kitchen." "Hey Siri, play this podcast in the bedroom." "Hey Siri, play Lucy Dacus in the office and kitchen." "Hey Siri, play this everywhere." Sweet! So, make sure to do your part. A forum where Apple customers help each other with their products. Google has been no help in their customer service, often pretending they don't even know what you are talking about. It can take a few hours for the servers to become fully functional again. If I stop the radio and then just press play again a bit later, it plays whatever radio station it was playing earlier, whilst saying its Radio 6. I cant find rnz on iHeartRadio radio and they dont have a specific skill. Since IOS 14 when i ask Siri "Play Times Radio" (a UK speech station), it always comes back by playing Times FM a non English station. Most of the time, it will be enough to get through any and all minor programming bugs. Find out why Matt Blaze is actually giving Alex credit. Having the same problem, trying to play Radio Caroline. Try listening to the station again shortly. If the unit does work with the new router, then you will be sure that the network configurations were to blame here. Thank you for your patience, I look forward to your response. Just checking to see if you were able to see my response above. TuneIn (unlike Spotify) doesnt allow me the play from the App and send it to an Echo as a connected device. If I say play GH North East that is the station I get, but if I just say Greatest Hits radio I get Hereford and Worcester. Go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff > and toggle on Transfer to HomePod as well as Handoff. Caroline. Its just history repeating on a new and higher level. 8 Top Smart Home Companies in the United States. Search. My two favourite classical stations I listened to on a regular basis here in the UK were Radio Classique Quebec and WNED Classical out of Buffalo. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. games and record them. You can tune many of the receivers in that to listen to receiver local AM stations too. Enter your username or e-mail address. Keep us posted here. To make sure the device is set to the correct language: Open the Alexa app on your smartphone/tablet Open More and select Settings Select Device Settings Choose the speaker in question . The convenience of listening to a multitude of stations through my so-called Smart Speaker has now been taken away. Thank you for reaching out. The picklist is unsorted. Do others have the same problem? There are now very few stations actually available via TuneIn. In 2017 it emerged that Sony Music UK and Warner Music UK had sued the US-based company in the UK, claiming that since many of the TuneIn-indexed stations are unlicensed to play music in the region, linking to them amounts to infringement of the labels copyrights. (and many of them will also play your Bluetooth phone, same as the speakers). However, Justice Birss declared the service to be much more than that, in part due to its curation and search features. Press J to jump to the feed. UPDATE: someone on another forum found a workaround. Its totally random. Actually the stations name is NPO 3FM but that's not a choice only 3FM in the list. That works about 95% of the time. The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act of 1967 did the same thing, trying to block the UK from other sources of radio by criminalising offshore radio stations broadcasting to a UK audience. I've just played it by finding it via Tune-In in the Alexa app. On a pre-set alarm, Sonos chime would play instead of a radio station. will be removing the recording function from I imagine rnz broke something in their Alexa tunein feed. TuneIn in the UK is now geoblocking the majority of radio stations based outside the country. 7 Common Ultraloq Lock Problems Troubleshooting, 11 Steps To Fixing NEST Thermostat Not Cooling, 10 Best Google Home Compatible Devices List Review 2022, Is It Possible To Play SoundCloud On Google Home? Yep, I used to listen NonStopPlay Pure Dance, its not even listed on the Alexa app or the TuneIn app, but the station is still broadcasting. TuneIn Radio, a popular streaming service, introduced the TuneIn Explorer feature, which is an interactive world map that allows users to find and listen to radio stations worldwide. Just click on the programs listed below or the "All Streams" drop-down above. I purchased Home speakers and Google Music (now YouTube Music) subscriptions primarily for a good alternative broadcast radio reception, but am soo frustrated right now; purchasing home radios so I can listen to what I want to hear, sounds like an easy answer. This happens to me all the time. If youve just come across these errors after updating the unit, then you need to check again for possible updates. I managed to get it to play RNZ by asking for RNZ National Auckland. Jim takes you through your afternoon with more of the Best country around. I'm guessing that their algorithms are searching networks first for call sign letters (usually guessing wrong). TuneIn Radio comes pre-installed or is loadable on more than 200 connected devices, including smart speakers from the likes of Sonos and Bose, smart TVs, streaming media players (e.g., Roku and. I have sent feedback frequently. It is a free service, but you can upgrade to a premium account to access more features. For now, use the TuneIn service or any other services applicable to your region if your preferred station is not working well with the Sonos Radio. ask "Play Times Radio" a U.K. based station and always plays Times FM, a non English station. Tap Personal Requests and toggle it off for your HomePod. TuneIn is a free audio app that brings together live sports, music, news, podcasts and over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world. So, you can either connect the device with a different account or make use of the mobile hotspot from a different phone. You send me an email whenever you have something new to sell. Just went to the Tune-In Pro app on my phone and it was still there. Thanks in advance, Siri doesn't work on my Apple products at this moment. I wanted to try uninstalling it and re-installing the app but that wouldn't work either. It is always possible that the errors are related to the network connection and not your Alexa unit. Its a joke but its not I really hate gadgets that dont work. It renders TuneIn totally redundant. " The link I am . Launched on World Radio Day (Feb. 13), TuneIn Explorer does just that. We and the community are always here to help. I set the station as a Sonos Favorite and created a routine to play it when I say "Local news". I am using a Google Nest Hub Max purchased in December 2019 from John Lewis. This issue is happening to me as well. Sometimes that helps. Its a shame since I used to stream my college basketball As of yesterday [September 9, 2020], all of the US-based classical music stations and even some European news outlets are no longer available through TuneIn. I have discovered that MFR2 (another radio station) use the term "all the greatest hits" in its tagline and this seems to be what is being picked up. Oct 6, 2020 8:15 AM in response to beachboy999. I stop the chime physically on the Play 1 and then use the app to select a radio station. This is particularly annoying using Apple CarPlay as when I ask Play Times Radio it always answers now Playing Times FM which is a non-U.K. station. It should work with sonos' own radio service. Its interesting that Google Home is working okay. Just let us know if you need anything. Is it also okay if you try to check it with a different music service to isolate the problem? 11-26-2021 So, if youre in a similar situation, just remove the skill and add it again, and your issue will most likely be fixed. No one seems to be responding to radio reception problems except with the same "all you have to do is" answers that no longer work. Sadly, I am having exactly the same problem with the same radio station again. How To Connect Phillips Hue Bridge Without Router? I now have to cast them from my phone. Thanks for the reply, it is a streaming radio station here in the UK. I noticed this starring to happen earlier this year starting with Radio Paradise, then JB Radio 2 and now SomaFM. Thanks for the suggestion of using tunein directly rather than Sonos Radio. All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the. I presume it plays all the US stations but darent touch it to try out others in case it doesnt work again. This is the future, well need hundreds of apps for this and apps for that, a subscription for this subscription for that. It's been a few days since we have heard from you. . Sports . Tunein Radio Station is supported via SIRI cmand on the Homepod. The station requires a player that is not available on your product. The only thing you can do here is to go through the app and check for firmware updates. Sometimes there are a lot of stations to choose from, if those stations were sorted bij name they are easy to find in large lists. Check Price at Amazon. Hi @fintrepid, thanks for reaching out here with us and sharing your feedback. Power cycling the device might seem like a simple fix, but it did help a ton of owners get through the TuneIn issues. Id be glad to help and confirm if the station you set working when playing manually in the Sonos app? I am playing the best country, rock and whatever I feel like for your pleasure. I wonder how long it will be before they are forced to jam all foreign radio broadcast that can be heard in the UK. Reply. Tune in for Club 102 Live bringing you some of your Favorite Music Shows from; "Blues With Brew" & much more. Have reported this to Apple but without any help. Well continue to work with that. Submit a diagnostic report of your systemto further check it on our end and reply to us with the confirmation number. Use the search bar at the top of the TuneIn page to find and listen to a similar station. There are (were) only two stations I listen to at home: BBC Radio 2 and Laurel Canyon Radio. Refunds. Update to the latest version of iHeartRadio from the App Store. The company launched this new feature on World Radio Day, Feb. 13, to make local radio stations more accessible to everyone. You also have the option of using a different profile to engage these TuneIn features. Very annoying particularly using Car Play as wrong station is played necessitating manual selection and taking eyes off the road. I have no experience with Alexa, but difficult to imagine that both Google and Amazon would both be so unresponsive to their customers. In lieu of TuneIn, I have been using the CustomRadioPlayer App Whenever I try to give the command to SIRI to play Proton Radio it starts playing the Proton Radio Podcast in the Podcast APP of the iPad. RE Echo Tap: Amazon support told me that some older generation devices will not play certain sites. I can't get it to play any ghr. ask Play Times Radio a U.K. based station and always plays Times FM, a non English station. But if youre still not able to get the TuneIn skill to work, then the only option youre left with is to contact TuneIn support and ask them to guide you. Is it in Sonos Radio as well? Sam Alex is a radio host, television personality, speaker, emcee and podcaster. Hi,Ive tested this on three other peoples iPhones. I won't even mention the frustration involved in having the Mini's responding with a variety of wrong responses from other networks (from TuneIn, from iHeart, or from YouTube Music networks or playlists). Any suggestions? Up-to-the-minute coverage everywhere you go. Hi @ekeeman, thanks for your reply. Not that I listen to adverts anyway! On each occasion the app on my phone says its BBC Radio 6 Music, but thats not whats playing. This time, it is not found doing a search using the Alexa app. Still getting wrong station via Siri. Thank you! I have added radioplayer skill to Alexa and this has solved my problem. 1. Check your network connection. Pay for VPN etc. Sadly, I am having exactly the same problem with the same radio station again. Its very strange and annoying! Audiomack: Music Downloader . You can set a sleep timer But please note that we will never create a post and product link explicitly to receive a commission. I was able to uninstall the app, and when I went to the app store to re-install it, it said that the . brenden dv, User profile for user: The top country music hits debuting on Billboard's "Hot Country Singles" chart. This may only be a temporary fix, however. Today on The Darker Side of Midnight: Surprise guest, NYC Icon and Guardian Angels founder, Curtis Sliwa stops by and has a few words to say about Frank. Note that its not only TuneIn thats now broken but also Sonos Radio. Yes I sorted it, I've now got an Amazon Echo and it works fine, thanks. Thanks! The network could be down. I tried to use TuneIn with a UK VPN and did not work. Hello, I am having issues adding Tune IN Live radio stations to the Roon and getting them to successfully play. It then proceeds to play Absolute Radio. check the response from your main device. Can you manually select the desired station? We provide different types of interior services like Exterior Designing, Interior Designing, and Modern Designing. its very easy to listen to any station. Done. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Alexa plays wrong station I have been listening to a particular radio station on Alexa for 2 years. Instead, I created a Scene in the Home app which works fine. After many days of attempts, I started saying the same thing but instead of asking her to play it on TuneIn, I asked to play it through iheart and it got me to the same content I was looking for. TuneIn is a global audio streaming service delivering live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to over 75 million monthly active users. 3. So, go through the power cycle routine and then try to engage the station through the TuneIn skill directly. So what command should I be giving to SIRI so it starts playing the Proton Radio Station from Tunein and not the Proton Podcast from iOS ? We need legal experts to clarify this and quick! She keeps playing some other station from tune-in which doesn't even sound like what I'm asking for. 5. The madness continues. Happy to sit and listen again. any proposed solutions on the community forums. Even the volume is playing up I cant adjust the volume manually (by touching the screen) I have to use voice commands. It recently started playing the Concert programme instead. The move follows a High Court battle against TuneIn from. It sounds like you rely on Siri to play a certain station, but the wrong station is played. Even if the update is not out yet, sending a support ticket will direct the focus of developers toward this error. Trending. 1-800-MY-APPLE, or, Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support, Sales and Check out this article David shared from November 2019 when the ruling originally took place: In 2017, Sony and Warner sued US-based radio service TuneIn, claiming the company infringed its copyrights in the UK. I have been using Home mini's (generation I and II), and Home hub (generation 1) for 2-3 years and have experienced an evolution of problems asking for the same local FM radio station. if needed. Not on Tunein on tablet or smartphone or even PC, just from Stupid Alexa. With TuneIn, stream local AM/FM stations (plus 100,000+ global stations) on all your devices, plus live news, game-winning sports coverage, music for every mood, podcasts for every passion, and more. However, if this feature is already off, try cycling it on and off one more time. provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations Hugo Duncan hosts the show with all the best from the world of country music, from old favourites to new country. I have been using a routine to access Radio New Zealand National with TuneIn as the music source. All your focus should be on isolating the issue with the network connection or the Alexa device. iHeartRadio Help. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ive done the Apple Help steps, but is still not working. From Sonoss vantage point, TuneIn may be a separate entity.